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First Blokfest Win!

Having entering the Blokfest series every year for a while now, I FINALLY won my first event, at Chimera Climbing Centre last year! Have a look at the video below…


IFSC Climbing World Cup:

After improving on last year’s 8th place in the British Boulder Championships, I was added to the national GB Bouldering Team’s squad for those competing in the IFSC Climbing World Cup. Without the necessary £2000 funding for the trip, I launched a Crowdfunder campaign, successfully raising the money within just 10 hours! I went on to compete in my first World Cup tournament in Toronto and Vail and placed 39th in the world in the Toronto event – check out some pictures below:

World Cup Toronto and Vail 2

World Cup Toronto and Vail 4World Cup Toronto and Vail 3World Cup 1 Toronto and Vail

Beastmaker International Footless Festival:

“Whoever wins this is the best [campusing] climber in Britain” (video below, 13:17-13:32)

I won first place at the Beastmaker International Footless Festival in Sheffield, otherwise known as ‘B.I.F.F.’ (my old Instagram Name!). My new Instagram name is now ‘captaincutloose’, so please do follow me on Instagram if you want to see more of my climbing videos! For the video below, skip to 07:24 to see me in action:

The BIFF 2015

Nottingham Depot’s annual Blocbuster:

My most recent win was at the Nottingham Depot’s annual Blocbuster competition, where I won a very handsome prize of £500! Look out for me below in the bright-green t-shirt and brown pantaloons (my absolute favourites):

UV Party – The Castle Climbing Centre:

Another recent win was at the very cool UV Party competition at The Castle Climbing Centre in North London. So, If you’ve ever wondered what Louis Parkinson looks like in UV paint, today is your lucky day:

Christie Cup & British Universities Bouldering Chamionships:

In 2012, I won the Christie Cup and managed to defend my  title the following year as well as winning the 2013 British Universities Bouldering Championships (shown below):

VauxWall – Monthly Competitions

VauxWall Climbing Centre, based in South London, is a great climbing centre with some great competition. They hold competitions every month and thankfully I’ve managed to win every single round of each of them, demonstrating a great consistency! So, if you want to be the next VauxWall champion, what better way than for me to train you with rock climbing lessons!