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Another great day at Caley Roadside

On Thursday I handed in my dissertation and headed over to City Bloc again. I was feeling really strong, and yesterday morning decided “today, I am going to finally climb Zoo York”. Then began a very stressful morning of asking everyone I knew if I could borrow some pads (HUGE thank you to Jacob Cook and the Tech Noe board house, who lent me as many pads as I liked), and negotiating a lift to Caley from a friend at the skate park (huge thanks to Craig Dyas, dunno how I would have managed to get all the way there without help!). Somehow everything came together, I managed to get to Caley absolutely loaded with pads and extremely psyched.

I warmed up a little just dead-hanging from the tree nearby, then started trying it. I made it about halfway up on the first attempt of the day; for some reason my feet were sticking on the holds better, and I was hitting all the small handholds really accurately (I guess because I’ve tried it so many damn times). “Wow, I might actually get it today!” I started thinking.

After a really good attempt where I somehow managed to fall from the two really positive crimps right at the top, I knew I could do it. I had a little rest, ate a banana, and then sent it (with a huge amount of excited screaming all the way through!).

I also met the super-strong Polish Dave (Dawid Skoczylas) who very kindly shared his pads with me. We then worked on Ju Ju Club, Secret Seventh and Ben’s Groove for a while before I headed off, still very excited about having sent my project.

Can’t wait to get out on grit again, I am absolutely LOVING IT at the moment 😀