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The hardest climb I’ve done so far, not bad, but breaking into 8a seems a long way off still.

This is a video from last summer, but shows me sending the Keel at Almscliffe, which I thought would be exactly my sort of problem but actually ended up taking me ages! Dolphin Belly Slap is just a great problem, I repeat it every time I go, and also in the video are Josh Williams on Flying Arete, and Bojan Sretovic on Demon wall (who has repeated it so many times he can do it in his SOCKS wearing a 10kg WEIGHT VEST!)

Since I got the Keel I’ve been trying the Keelhaul, an 8a extension which I can do all the moves for fairly easily, other than the huge reach to the chipped hold, which I can only seemingly do if I start from the crack in the roof.

Big French Louis (Louis Lecoq from York Uni) made this great video of a few of us out at Almscliffe more recently. French Louis FLASHED Demon Wall Roof, it was amazing (you can hear me yelling in the video) and I get angry sending absolutely nothing the entire day!