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Finally sent Blockbuster!

I first tried Blockbuster (7b+) three years ago when I first started uni at Leeds. It felt impossible in that first session, I couldn’t imagine how I’d ever be able to hold the sloper with one hand while I came into the crimp with the left hand. I’d go back and try it every few months, each time telling myself “I’m loads stronger now, it’ll be easy this time” before getting totally shut down. But yesterday it felt easy, for me it’s a nice way of showing myself how much I’ve improved since I started uni. I’ll get my camera working again soon and get some footage, I also had a go at Zoo York (8a), which also felt much easier than it ever has before, I think I might be able to send it soon!

Off to my final uni competition ever today, the Christie Cup, (Leeds vs Liverpool vs Manchester), this year held at the Manchester Climbing Centre. I managed to win last year, hopefully this year will go well too!