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Best session on grit so far!

I had possibly my best session outdoors ever yesterday, I think I’m finally starting to feel as comfortable climbing outdoors as I do indoors.

Oli, Dave and I arrived at Caley Roadside at about 2 in the afternoon, the weather was perfect and for some reason we were the only ones there! We warmed up on Not My Style (6b+), which I actually found pretty desperate, especially the top out, before moving on to New Jerusalem (7a), as Dave was keen to try an flash it. New Jerusalem was the first problem I ever sent at Caley, but I hadn’t tried it for a couple of years. Even so, it felt fairly easy as I showed the beta to Dave (who did manage to flash it!), and I even managed to send it going directly from the crimpy rail to the slopers, ignoring the decent gaston in the middle of the wall.

We then headed over to Forked Lightning Crack and what I thought was a fairly difficult, fairly scary highball just to the left. I’ve got vague plans of trying to climb High Fidelity (8b) soon, so wanted to get used to being high off the ground. I found the climb incredibly hard and absolutely terrifying, didn’t manage to finish it at all, then found out it was Maurice Chevalier, which the guidebook says is 6a+ and “slightly” scary. . . Oh.

Having failed miserably on Maurice Chevalier, I wanted to try Crystal Method (7b+/7c), a climb I had passed many times and thought looked amazing, but never actually tried. I was ecstatic that I managed to send it in only three or four attempts!

I also spent a while working on Zoo York (8a), and for the first time I managed to do all the moves! I think I might be able to get it done next session 😀

Here’s a video of some of the climbs done during the day, including Blockbuster, which I first managed to do on my last visit but didn’t get a video of until yesterday.

I can’t wait to get back out there! I also worked on Ben’s Groove, Secret Seventh, and even had a try at High Fidelity (despite the failure on Maurice Chevalier), getting up to the undercut move before jumping down in terror.

Other stuff I haven’t posted about:

I did manage to win the Christie Cup last Wednesday, which I was very pleased about as there was tough competition from Leeds Uni (which wasn’t a bad thing, as it meant Leeds won for the second year running!).

I also had a great session at CityBloc on Saturday, hadn’t climbed there in a while and it was REALLY good to be back, and I’m possibly heading to Bingly next Saturday for the Barn Wars competition.

All for now 😀