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Scary rocks and spreadsheets

Yesterday I asked my friend, Josh Williams, if he could think of any problems in particular, fairly local to Leeds with a bit of history or reputation, and this afternoon he sent me the most AMAZING list. On excel, listing the problem name, grade, location, reason why I should climb it and style of climb! I’m going to post each one on here to fill out the blog a bit, hopefully with a video and a bit of info on each!

The one I’m currently most excited about: Careless Torque (8a), Stanage.

I’ve been trying to practice my arete climbing at Red Goat today, but I dunno how much it could have helped. I Really wanna get out and do this soon, it looks high, hard and scary, lots of pads needed!

Careless Torque from Outcrop Films on Vimeo.

Amazing video, great send by Mina Wuja Wuja.